Protecting the quality and quantity of our local water supply is serious business.  It affects our ability to grow sustainably, our drinking water supply, and our future.  I have been a strong leader over the past decade in advocating for low-impact development that allows for groundwater recharge, including support of our Natural Heritage Plan and Water Conservation programs.


Guelph is entirely dependent on groundwater which means it is so important to protect and conserve what we have. 


To protect the quality of our water we must protect our wells.  The closure of the Guelph quarry (known locally as Do-Lime) is an essential step towards fixing the breech in the acquifer that protects city wells, and I will continue to advocate for a moratorium on the permit to continue to extract aggregate.  We must also ensure that our existing wells in other areas of the city are protected from potential contamination by cleaning up brownfield sites and managing our stormwater runoff.  We have an award-winning Brownfield Strategy and a new Stormwater Management Plan to help us do that.  


Protecting the quantity of our water supply, and our future water supply, requires all of us to work together to conserve this precious resource.  Water conservation can take many forms.  I support rebate incentives for property owners to convert to low flow devices.   I support fixing our underground infrastructure so that we are not losing precious water through leaks and inefficiencies.  I support the BlueBuilt home program, as well as investing in grey-water recycling, rooftop collection and other construction techniques that minimize water use.   I will continue to advocate for site design of new developments that maximize groundwater recharge through the use of permeable surface parking, landscape swales and naturalized trails and parks.  

BlueBuilt Home