As an occasional transit user myself, I know how important reliability and frequency are to an effective bus system.  Riders need to know their buses will arrive on time and get them to their destination or to catch a transfer.  Increased frequency means shorter wait times and means the use of transit is a convenient alternative to owning a car. 


As we grow as a city, transit routes should be appropriately adjusted to modify routes to parallel growth and changing patterns of ridership.  From my experience, the best source of ideas and solutions for transit route adjustments come from the riders.


I strongly believe that affordability of transit must remain a priority for our new City Council.  For those who have no other options, efficient transit is essential for accessing employment, family, school and shopping.   Currently, transit is subsidized by taxation and must remain so to ensure that all citizens can afford to get around the city.  Transit must remain a core public service, and I will never support contracting out or privatizing our transit system.


The demand for inter-regional transit is growing and I am looking forward to the future of all-day two-way GO service.  But we have an immediate need for local inter-regional service to Aberfoyle, Fergus, Rockwood and Highway 24 employment lands to could connect with Grand River Transit.   During the next term, I will pursue exploring extending our transit service outside of the city limits to better service our residents.   Expanding Guelph Transit into Wellington County will mean a partnership with our neighbouring municipalities, a win-win-win for residents and business and the environment.